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Why you should add ReMarketing to your Campaigns?

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Why you should add ReMarketing to your Campaigns?

Many people keep asking me lots of question remarketing so decided to write this blog to explain more on how it works .

What is remarketing?

  • Remarketing is a method of targeting customers again and again to people who have already visited your website or mobile app.
  • Remarketing is possible on all platforms for ex. google, Facebook ,instagram and LinkedIn you just need to install a pixel on the website and it will start working.
  • According to a data 90% of customers don’t convert on the first visit so through remarketing we can target the customers.

Benefits of remarketing

  1. Reminds the customer about your brand – According to a report 30% of customers report positively for remarketing ads. So by reminding about a service or product we can sell or product easily.
  2. Conversions – Remarketing ads improves the chances of conversions as the website is shown again and again to customers.
  3. Targeting on video and mobile – we can target our ads on video and mobile so we are not restricted to show our ads on web only so it increases the chance of conversion.
  4. Saves Money – Remarketing saves money as they are cheaper than your regular ads as they are only shown to people who already convert taking various actions on the website.

Remarketing increases the chances of conversion and I recommend everyone to enable them in their paid campaigns to get efficient results.


George Chacko is the founder of SEO Parrots he has worked on various SEO and google ads expert in India and helped clients to achieve their marketing goals. He has a experience of more than 10+ years in digital marketing. SEO Parrots is the SEO Company in India, offering Digital Marketing Services like SEO, SEM, SMM and ORM with best price.

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