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george chako

My Name Is George Chacko and I am a London based SEO Expert with more than 10 years of experience in the SEO and digital marketing. I love the Search Engine Optimization and have upgraded my skills over the years in a broader way to bring good results for my clients.

I am also a professional in SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM expert with an extensive experience in running paid campaign in the social media and Google AdWords.

    Why you should trust me ?

    I have a strong background in the search engine optimization and pay per click as I have been doing both since past 10 years.

    I also understand how important the organic traffic for a website is. I am well aware of the science of link building and how to create effective backlinks to help a website rank higher in the SERP.

    I understand that people have money invested in their websites and they want fast results to drive their ROI.

    I know how to work with different clients because I have been doing this for many years and have a good experience in understanding the client needs at different levels in terms of ranking, traffic and leads.

    I have a good experience in managing clients through the implementation of effective SEO techniques based on the Google’s latest algorithm. This helps me to drive good business for my clients.

    Being one of the top London SEO experts what makes me unique is my practical knowledge of the subject and my updated skills. I am not just another SEO consultant with a limited set of capabilities but I am a consultant with a multi-dimensional approach towards the SEO. If you are looking for a SEO expert with an extensive experience in the SEO who knowhow to drive results, you are the right place.

    Not Like Other SEO Consultants Based In London UK

    The biggest SEO problem I have encountered as an SEO consultant is how difficult it is to hire someone who has the same skills and experience as me.

    SEO is a highly specialised field and takes a unique set of skills to be successful.

    Besides skills, you need a good experience and knowledge to succeed; therefore, it gets even harder to get the right SEO expert.

    I completely understand my client needs and do everything to get them the best results.

    I have a good knowledge, skills and experience to help you succeed online.


    My SEO strategy and plan for your success

    1. I do an in-depth keyword research to identify the best keywords for your business/website.
    2. I create highly informative and unique content for those keywords with call to actions
    3. I create links on high authority relevant websites with good amount of traffic.
    4. I do proper UTM implementation
    5. I do proper client on page & off page monitoring.
    6. I create a pro-active monitoring strategy to check if my SEO strategy is working or not.

    SEO specialist in London UK


    A SEO specialist can be a big advantage for your business because there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes.

    You have to take care of the SERP listings, backlinks and social media marketing and many more things. All of them are important for your website to continue getting visitors.

    When you work with a good SEO specialist in London you can make sure that your company’s website will be listed high in the Google search results so that people will keep visiting it and potential customers will see it too.

    Why to hire a SEO consultant from London?

    Online marketing can be extremely hard to learn. Despite there are many tools and techniques that might help you in doing marketing looking well but they’re not always the best.

    My SEO approach is unique because i have been doing this for past 10 years and i know what works and what doesn’t.

    You are not going to get the same results with a different consultant as you would with me.

    Technical SEO consultant London

    Site audit & performance review

    If you have concerns about the technical aspect of your website or if you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your current digital marketing campaign i can help you.

    I am a technical SEO consultant in London UK who can take care of all the technical aspects of your current digital marketing campaign.

    I am expert in improving the user experience and conversion rates by finding technical issues on the website and fixing them.

    Being a SEO consultant in London my skills and experience will help you in getting the best results for your business


    Google search engine rankings what really matter


    At the end of the day, if your website isn’t showing up in the Google search results and not getting good traffic all this work will go in vein.

    you might have the perfect product and you might have loads of traffic, but if you don’t rank well then you are not going to get clients to your b

    Google is responsible for 93% of all searches

    My SEO strategy is different from other SEO consultants in London UK.

    My strategy is different because i focus heavily on content marketing and link building. i know that these are the two most important factors to rank better in Google.

    Google penalty removal services London

    If you’re site has been penalised by Google you need to get the penalty removed at the earliest to restore traffic and ranking on the website. For which you need the help of a professional who will provide you the best in class Google penalty removal services in London UK. I am an expert in penalty recovery with the help of some of the most productive techniques and secrets that I cannot share here. i can also fix your de-indexing issues and till date have had helped many people to get their reviews and links back.

    I have helped people to get rid of Google penalties and fix their rich snippet issues. Thus is also a big part of my strategy because i know how important it is to rank your website in Google and get the desired traffic on the website that it deserves.

    SEO is an ongoing process

    Search engine optimization is an ongoing process because it takes time for all this work to pay off, so if you just do it once or twice and leave it, then it might not work for you. That’s why hiring a dedicated SEO manager is a good idea because someone who is an expert can handle all these updates and adjustments for you so that you’re ranking will continue to be good.

    Frequently asked questions about SEO

    Are you able to deliver the results for an ecommerce website?

    i have been doing SEO for e-commerce sites for more than 10 and I can help you to get the best results you want for your website. So, whether you sell a product online or want to improve your visibility – i can help you with that.

    When we expect to see good results from SEO?

    Within 3-6 months of starting SEO campaign depending on the keywords and your site’s current visibility in the search engines. When you put your website online, you are already behind other sites and have to start SEO immediately to prevent falling further behind. we can get started right away and begin working with your team on strategies to ensure that your site performs well and search engine rankings shall continues to improve traffic on the website. More often you can see good results within 3-6 months time. This doesn’t mean 1st page rankings but if all goes well you will be able to see that as well.

    How much can you save?

    Depending on how much work is needed to be done, the range of savings can vary – but i can usually save around 30% or more. this is because i’m an experienced SEO consultant who knows what works best. i will recommend which tools and techniques to use and we’ll implement them at the same time. this will help ensure that we don’t waste time implementing ineffective tactics which will do nothing to increase your site’s search engine ranking or increase traffic.

    What will it cost?

    This depends on the nature your business and your goals. If ecommerce charges are different and for service different charges are there As an SEO consultant in London, i offer flexible pricing strategies based on what you need.

    What is the role of mobile optimization in SEO?

    The role of mobile optimization in SEO is to make it easier for the users to access your website. So, if you have a mobile website and it’s not optimized properly you can’t expect people to come back to your website as often and get the best results from your site.

    Also amp plays a big part in SEO. Amp means accelerated mobile pages which can bring your site up to speed with mobile optimization.

    What is indexing and what does it involve?

    Indexing is when your website starts showing up in the search engine results. This happens when the correct keywords are used, in the correct way, for your website on various different pages on your site. The reason that it’s called indexing is because there are indexes within search engines that store all of these pages.

    How can you improve our website rankings?

    This depends on what SEO services you want. I can improve your website rankings by improving the visibility of your website through link building, doing keyword research; content writing and making sure that your website has the best possible structure to ensure that it performs better in the search engine rankings.

    What types of links you are going to build?

    i can build links from websites that have a similar audience to yours, which means that the people who visit these websites are potential customers for your business. i can also build links from local businesses and review websites that are relevant to your business. The type of links will benefits you in getting better rankings and traffic to the website

    What type of reports you provide for SEO?

    I provide monthly SEO reports that include all the information that you are looking for. This will include a list of all the backlinks created by me and the position of your targeted keywords in Google. It also includes actions which your website should take to improve SEO.

    What is negative SEO?

    Negative SEO is when someone creates a link to your website that they are going to rank for and then place negative comments across the web about your business. These negative comments will usually be on review websites, forums or blogs. by doing this, it will push down your website in search engine rankings and this is not good for business.

    What are the steps to take before you start?

    I recommend that you have an audit done for your site before i start working with you by either me or someone else.

    How often we can have meetings?

    We can have meetings at your convenience and on a specific time. i am based in London, so it’s best that you come to our office as this will allow us to meet in person.

    How do i take care of your website?

    I will monitor the site for you and take care of all of your SEO needs by self. i will regularly update the backlink profile, status report and keyword research report for you to ensure that we are not missing any opportunities to rank your site higher in search engines.

    Do you use black hat SEO techniques?

    I do not use black hat SEO techniques. i only use white hat techniques. Black hat is when you try to trick the search engine by putting in keywords for your website that either isn’t relevant or to your business. this is not a good practice as it is against the Google guidelines and may affect your site ranking.

    How long do you usually work with me?

    I normally expect an approximate time of 6 months. this is because i have to make sure that your website has been optimised in the best possible way, as well as making sure that the SEO strategies are effective and allowing time for things to catch up.

    What tools you use for SEO?

    I use an array of tools to ensure that your site is performing in the best way possible in the search engine rankings. Some of my favourite tools are:

    – ahrefs – to monitor backlinks and find new ones.

    – moz – to monitor competitor keyword rankings.

    – Google search console – to monitor traffic from Google.

    Do you guarantee your services?

    I guarantee your website will increase in search engine ranking by at least 10% if I am not able to do this for you will i give you a 100% money back guarantee.

    How do we get started?

    We can get started right away. Just get in touch with me and let me know what websites you want me to work on. Also tell me about your business and where it’s based and then we can have a chat about how we want to approach this project together.

    Should I also do PPC?

    I would recommend doing both ppc and SEO. ppc is pay per click and SEO is search engine optimisation.

    If you give me a call, i can speak to you about what type of ppc campaigns you need as well as what your budget should be for ppc. We can discuss the best way to go ahead with this.

    Do you offer SEO services for affiliate websites?

    Sure! I can work with you to get your website rank higher in the search engines for affiliate-key terms. This is important because affiliate marketing is one of the most important forms of online marketing; therefore, it is an integral part of my practice.

    Can we get rankings for general terms?

    You can get rankings for general terms, but you should be using phrases that are relevant to your business and which would result in your website showing up for searches on these terms. For example, if you sell a particular brand of jewellery then it’s going to be beneficial to rank for the term ‘pink diamond’ or ‘diamond ring’, as opposed to ‘jewelled diamonds’.