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Understanding Your Industry: What is a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate

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Understanding Your Industry: What is a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate

These days, the conversion rate is a hot topic discussed between various digital markers. Everyone wants to know what the best conversion rate is and how to improve it? Being a digital marketer one of the biggest challenges for you is to ensure a better conversion rate for clients which is not easy in today’s environment. Though you will not have any difficulty in finding more about conversion rate because you can always refer to a good CRO guide for in-depth information but this article we have prepared will take you more towards the logical aren’t aware. Usually marketers’ talks in numbers and per cent, but by reading this piece of information you will know that numbers always don’t matter in digital marketing and there is life beyond percentage.

What is a good conversion rate?

We should directly come to the point which is what an ideal conversion rate is. To be honest there is no such good conversion rate because it is different for different industries and websites. As per the standards, anything near 5 % to 7% is considered a good conversion rate but again it has its own clauses. On average, most of the websites have a chance conversion rate of 2.5% that if 100 visitors visiting the website approximately 2 people are buying products or services offered by the website.

Here is a brief table showing average conversation rate for different industries


Average Conversion Rate Industry Based

Average Conversion Rate

Most of the e-commerce sites have an average conversation rate of 2.9% globally, with desktop conversion is much better than mobile conversion.

Please refer below The Rights Recommendation Report on E-commerce published in 2018


Don’t worry if it is below 2%?

Many digital marketers start panicking when they find the conversion rate of a client’s website is less than 2%. They are super worried when client ask about because they don’t have a substantial explanation for it. First thing is that you don’t need to worry or panic if the conversion rate is below 2%. You just need to tell the client that you have adapted some of the best practices to skyrocket the conversion rate but it takes little time to show up.

It is not always your fault?

Many digital marketers think that if the conversion rate of their client’s website is less than it is completely to their fault. No need to take the blame to yourself always. It is not the case every time. Marketers do their best to enhance conversation rates but above all, if the quality of the product or service that the client is offering is low, even God cannot enhance the conversion rate.

You need to tell your client that whatever products he is selling or services he is offering is not up to the mark as per customers’ and users’ feedback and doesn’t stand against the competitors. People may be visiting the client website but they don’t find the quality of the products and services that they are looking for.

You need to closely monitor your competitors landing pages and compare side by side their services and client services and products. If you find anything lacking in the client website then must tell the client about it. This is small things can make a big difference in the conversion rates.

You also need to check for the reviews and feedbacks of the customers for client products and services. If customers are not happy with client products or services they aren’t going to buy anything from their website rather just browse their website to take an idea about it. When they have landed on the website with the intention not to buy a product but to take a look at auto service at that time you can’t do much more. If that is the case then you can’t do anything.


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