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How To Choose Keywords For Google Ads

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How To Choose Keywords For Google Ads

While doing search marketing or PPC keywords play an important role. As that is the cornerstone of every campaign. So what are the points which should be kept in mind before selecting the keywords?

1. Identify your industry – You should be able to identify your industry and what type of keywords should be used try to use keywords more closely related to the keywords. For example if you are selling men’s shoes then taking shoes as keywords is of no use as it can come up for keywords such as women shoes or shoes for girls etc.

2. Use Keyword planner- Google ads provides planner tool for finding the keywords which people are searching on the internet. So if you type your.
The tool will show you the related ideas if you type the location, language and keyword. The tool will show the most related ideas.

Google Adwords

3. Choose competition – Always try to choose medium competition keywords as they are very cheap to bid and you can get good business from these keywords.

4. Select the best match type – Match types are very important for google ads there are 3 types of matches 1.broad 2.phrase 3.exact
Try to use broad matches at low bids if you are just starting then you can refine the keywords which brings in business while using exact and phrase match.

5. Add Negatives – Do not run a campaign without using negative keywords. Negative keywords are phrases were you don’t want your ads to show for ex. free or cheap.


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