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How To Check Keyword Rankings In Google ?

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How To Check Keyword Rankings In Google ?

How To Check Keyword Rankings In Google ?

It’s not enough to spend time and money on SEO, you also need to regularly check how your keywords are performing. You can use various tools to find keyword rankings in Google. If you know the keyword, you can find it easily. For a list of websites that are absolutely free to use, check out this article.

Top SEO Company in Mumbai Sharing professional grade SEO tool you can use for free:

1. SERP bot – http://www.serprobot.com

The keyword rank checker allows you to search for a specific keyword in Google and Yahoo.

2. whatsmyserp – https://whatsmyserp.com

This is a free keyword rank tracking tool which we also use frequently

3. Google Search Console- https://search.google.com

This is a great tool for checking the ranking for any of your keywords in Google . You also get a list of the most common search queries for your website.

Benefits Of Using These Tools

Just by using these tools you are sure to get good results. Sometimes, it can help you and sometimes not. But just by using any of these tools, one can easily monitor how they are performing on SERP .

1. Time Saving

This is the biggest advantage of these tools. You will never need to visit each and every website for checking the ranking. Just visit the sites where you have a good position and then keep on working for improving your position.

2. Cost effective

There is no need of any paid tool or service. All these site are absolutely free and can be accessed anytime .

3. No need of technical knowledge

The beginner in SEO can also use these tools without any problem. They are user friendly and anyone can operate without any issue.

4. No need of any membership

If you just enter the site, you will get all the details regarding keyword ranking. There is no need to have any account or registration for using these sites.

There are various other tools available online for checking keyword rankings. You can find them by simply doing a search on Google or Yahoo. You can also use these tool to find keyword rankings in Google .

All the tools mentioned above are of premium quality and 100% free to use. It is advisable to regularly monitor your keyword rankings, so that you can keep improving your website and also so that you can take immediate action to improve if needed.

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