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How to choose the Best SEO Company in India

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Today search engine optimization has become the backbone of digital marketing. In the last few years India has become a major market in search engine optimization and now Indian companies are doing good by providing result-oriented services to many international clients.

Indeed today digital marketing is not restricted to search engine optimization because it is dominated by social media advertising and pay per click. Despite that, you cannot ignore the role of search engine optimization. At the end of the day, more 95% of the internet users’ today use search engines particularly Google for finding relevant products and services.

Alright, so you’ve got your work done and developed working information on SEO and have chosen to take the help of a Top SEO company in India. You’ve distinguished a couple and had a couple alluded to you from your business partners.

Here are some of the important questions along with their descriptions that you should ask from the best SEO Company in India, before hiring them. In addition to certain inquiries, they ought to present to you as well.

Questions to be asked

Q.1) what’s your opinion about my website’s structure, on-page and off-page, and connection profile?

Request that they mention some objective facts about these three key SEO factors that impact Search Engine deceivability corresponding to your website, particularly external link establishment.

Q.2) what changes will be required to my website and will they be perceptible?

You ought to anticipate that they should discuss on-page and off-page changes. On-page will require changing substance in different areas on each page, off-page will expect changes to your Meta information, for example, your title tag and Meta descriptions refreshing.

Q.3) I believe that high-quality backlinks are significant, in what capacity will you build high-quality backlinks for my website? And how do you define high-quality backlinks?

You ought to be searching for them to discuss nature of backlinks just as building a fair backlink profile remembering distributing one of a kind bits of knowledge for your industry on driving websites, visitor articles on important websites, few great free and paid indexes, working with writers, making engaging content, local websites, government or instructive establishments, your providers and so on.

Q.4) Will you be able to provide me the list of backlink building activities in detail?

Again it is important to know the link building techniques the concerned company will use in the link building campaign. You must also check whether these techniques are an only white hat or grey hat also.

Q.5) Would you be able to provide me some examples of your past work along with results achieved for them in terms of ranking and traffic?

You must also ask for the references to ensure their authenticity of work. You must also clearly ask them to provide the current rankings of the websites for money keywords they worked on. Many companies claim that they guarantee first page results but they don’t in reality. You must check for the real clients which are actually benefited.

Q.6) Will you just help me with the rankings and traffic but will you also help me in getting the conversions?

This is an important question to ask because many SEO companies are able to get client websites ranked on the first page of Google but they don’t bother if the client is getting conversions on their website or not. Even if your website is ranked on the first page of Google but visitors on your website are turning to your customers then it will be of no use to you because ultimately you are not generating any revenue from it.


Choosing an SEO company in India is an easy thing as you have plenty of options available but more important is to choose the right company that delivers you the results with their authentic and proven SEO techniques.

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