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SEO Company in Hyderabad | SEO Agency in Hyderabad

Welcome to our website we are a team of SEO experts in Hyderabad offering SEO services.

As we know Google is the most important search engine having a market share of more than 91% in the world. Google has a market share of 98.5% in India. So optimizing your website for Google is paramount.

Why we are real professional SEO Company?

SEO Parrots is a professional SEO company based in Hyderabad having an experience of more than 10 + years. We have a very unique work process which helps us in getting results for the clients very quickly.

We have SEO experts who have decades of experience in search engine optimization. Our mentors are into Search Engine Optimization since its beginning and seen and observed every aspect of it if you trusty us. They have worked in the top companies and are well aware of the technical aspects of search engine optimization. They know some of the topmost secrets which we can’t share here that will help your website to reach where it deserves.

We work on the following chart suggested by Moz

We at SEO Parrots Hyderabad understand these factors and try to optimize the website accordingly.

MOZ 1024x530 1

Now let’s come to the point how are we different?

1. Voice search – Voice search is a feature which helps in search using voice. User will not have to type anything he will have to speak using Google web mike and result would be there.


We try to optimize website for that below video will give you a better idea of voice search –

2. Developing great content – We help our clients in developing great content. In modern day SEO content is the king. Create good quality videos to get traffic and higher SERP Rank in Google

We encourage our client to write audience centric articles on the website the weight age of quality content is 60% more the content is unique the less stress to get backlinks.
We have good quality content writers in our office based in Hyderabad.

There are various types of digital content –


3 .Keywords research – We have an experienced team of experts who are good in keyword research. We identify the keywords which are very important for our client’s niche. It should also be kept in mind if the keywords are workable or not keeping in mind there is a lot of competition in the SERP. For ex. “Buy shoes online” is a very competitive keyword but “buy shoes online Hyderabad” is not so difficult to target. Targeting long tail keywords always beneficial to get results very quickly.

4. Backlinks – So we come to a very important aspect of SEO which is backlinks we take backlinks from very high authorities websites, we make sure that the website linking back to our client’s website should have high pa and da.

5. Accelerated Mobile Pages – They are fast loading pages so that the website opens very quickly on mobile devices. A snippet of how AMP works on a mobile device.


The video will better explain the how amp works.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Is SEO Dead?

SEO is not dead but surely it’s changing and it’s getting difficult. People practicing old tactics are not getting results because of continuous upgrades by google. Make sure you follow the latest SEO practices recommended by google.

2. How much time it takes to see results through SEO?

Nowadays its takes a lot of time to see good results through SEO. But if the website is not hit by penalties and if good work is done we can expect to see results in 3 to 6 months’ time maximum.

3. What would be your suggestion to Local Clients?

My suggestion to people having local business who wants to go for SEO is try for local SEO and try to optimize for google maps they have 70% traffic for local searches.

4. How can we rely on you services?

Our SEO experts have experience of more than 10+ years who have worked with more than 500+ websites and proven track record. You can see our portfolio and results in the SEO Results section.  Also note we do not take every project we only take projects we think we are capable to give results.

Take time to visit our office in Hyderabad. We are waiting to hear from you.

More details about Best SEO Company in India and SEO Packages call us – +91 9977083119